Hello my name is Caitlin(14) and I started coming to All Saints Youth Club in September (2019)  I t's fun and I enjoy it because there is lots of stuff to do and projects to take part in.  At first I was scared about coming here because I thought nobody would like me and I would have no friends but the Youth Workers helped bring out the confidence in me.  The project is helping me find out about other Youth Clubs in Birmingham and we are bringing all of the information together on this website and creating display boards at our club.


AOIFE name is Aoife and I go to All Saints Youth Club.  I started coming in September 2019 with Caitlin and at first I also felt scared, but I felt welcome straight away and now we go to every session together.  It is lots of fun and there are lots of things to do like sports games, board games, computer games and much more.  In this project we are hoping to bring all the information of Birmingham's Youth Clubs together.