When did Youth Work in Birmingham start? By Sowah.

Youth work does so much! It helps young people learn about themselves, connect with their community, each other and challenges and educates them, all in an informal setting! 

At the start, much of the Youth Work was set up by organisations such as Boys Brigades and the Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA), places that were connected to religion and the church.  When World War 2 started (about 1939) then there was much more Youth Work available that wasn't connected just to religion and since then it has grown and grown into community groups, voluntary organisations and local council groups. 

Lots close down- due to things like a lack of funding but there are still lots of them open and providing services for Young People.



Why is Youth Work in Birmingham so important?  By Caitlin.

Youth Work helps Young People access support and services that they might not be able to without he help of Youth Clubs.

The CHILDREN'S PLAN (from 2007) set out 3 main areas to support young people in:

  • Empowerment: giving young people and communities real influence;

  • Access: attracting and engaging every young person; and

  • Quality: effective services delivered by a skilled workforce.

When we go to our Youth Club we feel like all three of these areas are met.  

In Birmingham, we have some of the most poor areas in the U.K. and the Midlands is one of the poorest regions overall.  It's important that youth clubs don't close and youth services are available to us in these areas, because otherwise we might have nothing to do or no support and fall into crime or out ourselves in danger.



Who provides Youth Work in Birmingham? By Aoife.

​There are loads of different ways that youth clubs operate and youth workers provide youth work.​ They can be in buildings built for Youth Work - like the Lighthouse in Neechels or the Factory in Longbridge, or in Church Halls like ours at All Saints sometimes is, or even in schools.  

We decide to make an archive of all of the Youth clubs we found out about and list them in one place so everybody could find something, no matter where they live in Birmingham.



Our timeline of our youth club. By Cailtin, Aoife, Abdull, Cleo & Skye.

All Saints Youth Project has been going for over 20 years now!
Part of our project was finding out when it started and some of the key events along the way.
We spoke to the founders, Mary and Brian (who has an MBE for his youth work) and the staff and some young people that work and go there with us and created a timeline using photoshop, which we had never used before.  You can view it at the bottom of the page.
We are also working on a timeline of Youth Work in Birmingham.
You can also hear some of our interviews by clicking below.

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